Meetings are held on the third Tuesday evening of each month, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. Contact Katie Levy, Secretary at for location.

2018 BOARD:

President: Linda Brandeis
President-elect: Sima Kulshreshtha
Secretary: Katie Levy
Treasurer: Nicole Nevey
Membership chair: Carol Charles
Social policy co-chair: Sharon Mast
Social policy co-chair: Sharla Semana
Education chair: Halee Dams
Scholarship co-chair: Lindsey McIntyre
Scholarship co-chair: Sandee Rodgers
Communications chair: Malyn White
Technology Chair: Maddie Cody
Member-at-large: Sorya Pao
Member-at-large: Gailon Wixon
Member-at-large: Bertha Santillan
Scholarship recipient:
Scholarship recipient:
Scholarship recipient:

Mailing Address
SSWLHC – Washington Chapter
PO Box 17663
Seattle, WA 98127